Jobber Review 2021 – Is It Good Field Service Management (FSM) Software?

Jobber is a major player in the field of field service management software, and it shows. The office offering is extensive enough to keep managers happy, and the Jobber app is optimized to help field technicians.

It may not sound intuitive, but it is actually the mark of vision for Jobber’s product design. This suggests that Jobber is able to differentiate between the needs of different people doing different things with their software.

Jobber review - Is It Good

The software supports companies in the home services industry including equipment repair, residential and commercial building cleaning, electrical outsourcing, HVAC, landscaping, lawn maintenance, and painting. , Pest control, plumbing, pool service, pressure washing, and snow removal.

The price of the solution is based on a software-as-a-service (SaaS) model. Plans start at $ 29 per month (billed annually). The mobile app is compatible with iOS and Android and offers personalized training and easy setup.

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Who is Jobber for?

Jobber is aimed at field service companies: landscapers, electricians, mobile locksmiths, HVAC repairers and plumbers, plumbers, and similar companies.

If you have employees who spend most of their time on-site but receive orders from a central office, the jobber software can help you stay organized and efficient.

Jobber is good for a variety of company sizes, but it really shines for small businesses. Since the base price is only $ 199 / month for 30 users or less, most small businesses should be able to easily afford jobbers.

It’s also a great option for green startups, and even offers a 1-user option for $ 29 per month. According to the job-related search engine, the median hourly wage for an on-site service technician is around $ 20. Ninety minutes of billable work and even a one-man business can afford jobbers.

Jobber functions

Jobber designed its program to keep field service managers on top of confusing administrative details.

Keeping track of which bills have been paid or which technician is best able to repair a particular type of asset can be unnecessarily time-consuming. Jobber’s features make it easy to manage these details.



However, Jobber is also useful for field technicians. While Jobber’s desktop program sometimes provides a considerable amount of information, the application provides a simplified version for field workers.

Technicians can still get critical information through the app, but the product’s UI is more action-oriented.

Billing and billing

Jobber’s desktop payroll is a solid feature that offers a lot of depth but can be overwhelming for people who are easily overwhelmed by all the bells and whistles.

Once you get past the busy images on the billing screen, the level of detail comes in handy.

For one, the “Find Invoices” box at the top of the screen with the ability to search / sort by due date, invoice type, and then again, is a good idea.

For example, sorting your bills by “Overdue Payment” is a lot easier than looking for a pile of bills that are three months old in a crowded office.

Jobber desktop view with outstanding invoices with details of each customer, date, due date, etc.
The accounting screen in the desktop version of Jobber offers a comprehensive, but lightly loaded, view of your invoice status.

While the search functionality is great, the way jobs are displayed on the screen leaves a lot to be desired.

As you can see from the picture, the words “Payment Pending” and “Draft” are color-coded, but the following tasks are not. Therefore, it is difficult to distinguish between things at a glance.

Of course, the search feature means it’s no big deal, but it would be nice if this part of Jobber’s visual interface was as accurate as other features.


Jobber Mobile View with screen for creating a new invoice for a customer with information such as date, description, quantity, cost, etc.
Use the Jobber New Invoice screen in the app to add line items, such as B. the labor costs shown here.

Billing and invoicing is even easier in the app. Jobber’s user interface makes finding a job and invoicing an intuitive process. Once you’ve completed an order, you’ll be prompted to invoice now or later.

Creating an invoice is relatively easy. Once you have created an invoice, you will be asked to choose between “Send SMS” or “More options”. The first allows you to send the invoice in a text message, the second allows you to send the invoice by email.

Jobber Mobile Image of a completed invoice with the option to send this invoice to the customer.
Once you’ve written an invoice, Jobber simplifies the process by asking the user to submit the invoice in text form.

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Conclusion:- Is Jobber Right For You?

Jobber is a popular field service management solution used by thousands of service companies around the world. This solution includes important FSM functions such as online booking, offer management, scheduling, mobile app, and billing. Jobber is used by companies in more than 50 industries, including cleaning, HVAC, landscaping, plumbing, and tree care.

One of Jobber’s strengths is its invoice automation and flexible planning tools. If your service business is getting a high volume of recurring business, a jobber is one of the best options out there.

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