Moosend Review 2021 – Is It Email Marketing Automation Tool Or Not?

Don’t let anyone tell you that email campaigns are no longer relevant. (Read Out full Moosend Review in details)

And now more than ever, the COVID-19 pandemic has forced digital marketers (fanatical or not) to turn to email to keep subscribers and customers informed.

Email open rates fell from 17.6% last year to 21.2% in April 2020 this year. According to an analysis by Campaign Monitor, the click rates also increased as a result of the total number.

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However, the need for all-in-one email management systems remains.

And Moosend email marketing software is there for you.

Moosend Review: What is Moosend?

Moosend is an email marketing software founded in 2011 that allows you to create email campaigns and automation sequences and send them to your subscribers.

Using Moosend gives you access to powerful software that can help you track leads and build trust with your audience. Used by small businesses and Fortune 500 companies, it’s an email marketing software that works and is affordable for businesses of all sizes.

Moosend makes it easy to get started with hundreds of email campaign templates, as well as email automation templates for use in popular email sequences.

Moosend - email marketing

The email automation editor has a drag and drop interface which makes it very easy to learn. Includes built-in A / B mapping tests, data analysis, and mailing list segmentation.

Also, check out the video below for a quick look at Moosend email marketing software.

Moosend Features

1. Moosend’s Easy to Use Interface

The Moosend user interface is simple and structured in such a way that all functions are displayed where they are needed.
Send email campaigns, generate leads with landing pages, and stay up to date with detailed reports via the Moosend platform.

2. Moosend Email Newsletter Editor

The Moosend newsletter editor offers a number of advantages.
This is a drag-and-drop editor that makes the creation process a lot easier. You can embed the pictures and videos you want to use or use them directly from the editor library.
If you don’t know how to create an HTML email and you are unsure, remember that this drag-and-drop newsletter editor does not require any knowledge of HTML.
Just put together and create great newsletters. Or use the pre-made templates for instant inspiration.

3. Moosend’s Intelligent Email Marketing Automation

A company needs to automate most processes and give employees time and space to set different priorities and solve different problems.
This is where marketing automation comes in. You can create your own automation workflow or use one of the proven automation workflows Moosend can provide.

Moosend Review - Email Marketing Automation Software

Automate processes like:
User integration,
Lead score,
Car abort sequences, etc. using triggers.

You can automate by:

Emails or product views or filter by weather at the location of the potential customer and add an additional personalization note.
Select the event you want the automation sequence to trigger and you are done.
Moosend’s automation process works very well with e-commerce platforms like Salesforce.

4. Hosting Your List / Importing Data Into Moosend

Importing your list into Moosend is very easy.

  • You can import members with a simple copy and paste.
  • Or import your CSV or Excel file.

If you’re not using one, or just importing your Google contacts, surely you can, too, or even your Salesforce contacts.
Of course, you can’t just import your data and host your list, as Moosend allows you to use custom fields and map your data so that nothing goes wrong.

5. List Segmentation & Personalization Tags

Moosend’s targeting and personalization features will assist you in your email marketing efforts.

You can personalize using the following data:

  • the location of the destination,
  • the weather forecast for the region in which you are located,
  • Your behavior on your website,
  • or your repeated purchases or preferences.
  • Use custom fields to define and segment your target audience based on their activities and interests.

Personalize by sending reminders if your favorite product is:

  • about to lose
  • or even send them back emails to get out of the shopping cart,
  • and create personalized recommendations for them.

6. Moosend Free Email Newsletter Templates

Moosend’s flexible drag-and-drop newsletter editor is aimed at both beginners and experienced newsletter designers. You don’t need any prior knowledge of HTML for this to work And if newsletter design isn’t really your thing, the Moosend platform has some free templates that can suit your needs.

Moosend Review offers you a variety of graphic options. You can use countdowns, pictures or GIFs, or even videos.

Moosend - Features

The editor’s image selection can be integrated into GIPHY, Instagram, and Stock Photos, among other things.
Create and use your custom font if there is a specific one for your brand.

You can also save all of your layouts and instantly test the look of your emails on all devices without leaving the editor.

7. Moosend Subscription Forms for WordPress

Subscription forms are a valuable tool for generating all kinds of leads. The Moosend platform allows you to create responsive forms with a beautiful design.
Thanks to the different types of subscription forms, you decide when to display them and where to place them on your page.

Pick one of the pre-made shapes and customize it to suit your niche and the tone of your brand.

You can use advanced targeting options:

  • the device on which your form is displayed,
  • Countries that can view your forms,
  • what a user can see
  • depending on the operating system used.

Use custom fonts and countdown timers to take advantage of the fear of leakage (FOMO).
Once your forms are created, you can organize them according to the campaign and create labels for each of your customers.

8. Moosend’s Advanced Reporting & Insightful Behavioral Analytics

The Moosend platform can produce accurate reports that are easy to read and manage.

You can get a complete picture of your campaigns and keep track of:

  • E-mail opens,
  • Click for reviews,
  • Bounce rate,
  • and unsubscribe.

That way, you can better understand your audience and ultimately make informed decisions about your next campaign.
Moosend’s reporting and analytics can also show you exactly where your users are, what device they are using, and how overall they are active so nothing goes wrong.

9. Moosend Email Tracking

Moosend’s tracking option gives you a comprehensive overview of all the activities of your potential customers when they visit your website.
Moosend’s platform uses behavioral analysis to give you a holistic view and to help you understand how your website visitors interact with all the different elements.

User data can be stored and used to help you:

  • automate,
  • Segment,
  • personalize your next email marketing campaign.

10. Moosend Integrations

There is no need to learn how to use a new tool. Give your marketing efforts a boost with 100+ integrations to meet all of your needs.

You can use Moosend integrations to:

  • CRM,
  • CMS,
  • electronic commerce,
  • leading generation, and list validation.

This platform offers a direct SMTP service. It can be natively integrated with:

  • Zapier,
  • Magento,
  • Woocommerce,
  • Harass,
  • Mailoptin,
  • Foreclosure,
  • Facebook lead ads, and many other platforms.

11. E-commerce AI – Bring More SALES!!

Advanced tracking and analytics help you manage your contacts and access them for the first time using hyper addressing and personalization.

Moosend automation - Email Templete

The main features of e-commerce AI include abandoned cart emails, product recommendations, and reminder emails. All three aim to increase the likelihood that individual customers will become repeat customers again.

You can also compose purchase emails with product blocks. Show the desired products in your email with details and any special features.
And if you’re unsure of your email subject, Moosend’s “Refine” tool can help you with recommendations based on your industry standards.

What should be considered before buying a Moosend?

Since every business wants something other than an email marketing system, you should be careful before considering Moosend as a piece of software.

Realistically speaking, compared to the giants you’ve probably heard of before (like ConvertKit and Mailchimp), Moosend is still a little fish, and has extensive and comprehensive options for experts who need more advanced features.

In any case, Moosend cannot be influenced by it, as it is ultimately powerful and complete and always values ease of use.

If you don’t want to waste time memorizing complicated email terms or possibly being overloaded with too many functions at the same time, Moosend should definitely be on your to-do list.

What are the Moosend alternatives?

There are also several alternatives to Moosend that I wanted to briefly mention.

Moosend Tools and Functions

Moosend vs Mailchimp

Mailchimp has several additional features that Moosend doesn’t. This includes multivariate testing, social post scheduling, mobile Mailchimp, and website creation.
These features are nice to have, but they are certainly not necessary as Mailchimp is slightly more expensive than Moosend and limits the number of monthly emails you can send.

Moosend vs Mailerlite

Mailerlite allows you to create 5 free landing pages in your free plan and send unlimited traffic. The price is also almost identical to the Moosend when the two are compared.
However, Mailerlite will include your company logo in every email campaign during the free plan and will not offer you the option to use templates unless you have a premium plan.

Moosend vs GetResponse

If you’re looking for an overview of GetResponse, check out my article on The Best Email Autoresponders For Affiliate Marketing.

Moosend vs ActiveCampaign

I’ve put together a full review of ActiveCampagin if you want to see how it stacks up. ActiveCampaign is generally much more expensive than Moosend.

What are the Pros and Cons of Moosend?

I was genuinely surprised at how many features Moosend offered at such an affordable price. These are some of my favorite Moosend features in this Moosend review.

Best Part # 1: Event Tracking on the Website

My favorite part of Moosend is probably the event tracking on the website.
This means that you can redirect users who have visited your website and even specific pages.
So, if your main goal is to send your subscribers to specific “money” pages on your website, you can set a trigger to start email automation every time someone visits your website but hasn’t visited any of those pages.

Best Part # 2: List Targeting and Custom Fields

Segmenting your list is key to a healthy email list that offers great deliverability and open rates.

The great thing about Moosend is that you can add tons of different triggers and then add specific subscribers in different groups.
This will segment subscribers based on their interest in specific topics.

In particular, I mainly do when a subscriber clicks a link in a previous email, I can add them to a list of potential customers interested in a particular product in order to receive more emails about my automation. . Sequence.

The best part n. # 3: Create a landing page

If you don’t have to buy other software and learn how to use it, the ability to create landing pages in Moosend is so great.

There are also several templates to choose from, and all registration forms are easily integrated directly into Moosend.

If you are interested in a more sophisticated sales to funnel generator, I highly recommend reading my DropFunnels review, which I use.

What’s not so great about Moosend?

With Moosend’s quality email marketing software, it was difficult to find things that weren’t that good.
I chose the following list of what could be improved.

Bad part n. # 1: Show only 4 triggers at a time

One of the little things I found was creating a custom email automation.

After choosing custom email automation, you can choose a trigger that you can choose from to start email automation. However, when all categories are selected, you will still only see a series of 4 triggers at a time.

It’s a bit bulky and it might not sound like a lot, but as you use and interact with the UI it can get a little boring over time. Check out the video below to see what I mean.

Bad part n. # 2: Landing Page Builder is only available on the paid plan

In my opinion, the main benefit of having a built-in landing page builder is that you don’t have to buy additional sales funnel software.
However, the landing page generator is only available on paid Moosend plans. Even so, it’s still extremely affordable, especially since most email marketing programs don’t come with a free plan.

Affordable pricing and support plans for Moosend

Moosend offers a free, professional business plan. The prices depend on the subscriber. This means that you will receive an unlimited number of emails per subscriber.

This means the same prospect can appear on as many different lists as possible. He always counts as a subscriber.

The free plan is available for up to 1000 subscribers and you can receive unlimited emails per subscriber.

If you need subscription forms, countdown timers, and multi-step marketing automation workflows, and are happy with the unbranded emails and ongoing chat support, feel free to sign up for a free plan.

Moosend Pricing - Check in details

The Pro plan starts at $ 8 per month when billed annually or at $ 10 per month when billed monthly. It has all the features you need most such as Landing pages, spam tests, subscription forms, email heat map analysis, and phone and chats support.

However, it doesn’t include priority support, premium campaign performance, SSO and SAML, or a dedicated IP address, among other things.

The Enterprise plan includes all features and integrations. You also get priority support, deliverability and strategy optimization, a dedicated account manager, transactional email, and custom reports.

If you are interested in the Enterprise plan, please contact Moosend for a quote (Read details Moosend Review for it).


Good software is worthless to your customers without the right support and assistance, especially for something as critical as email marketing.

It definitely seems mossy here. There is live chat support even for users on a free plan, and you get an account manager when you upgrade to a paid plan. That is sublime.

No wonder they have top-notch reviews on the web.

MooSend Review FAQs

Is there a free trial version?

There is a free plan forever. You can cover up to 1000 subscribers and offer unlimited emails.

What about MooSend’s refund policy?

The Moosend support team is always available to discuss any problems that may arise.

If you’re still not sure, you can always try the free forever plan or the pay-as-you-go plan.

The pay-as-you-go plan is perfect for casual senders. Buy credits, one for each email you want to send, and off you go. The credits have no expiration date.

How can I migrate to Moosend?

With over 100 integrations, there is certainly one integration that you can use to migrate from other email marketing platforms like Moosend
MailChimp, constant contact,
o Active campaign.

Can I send bulk emails?

Yes, you can. Moosend is an email service provider (ESP) that provides bulk email marketing tools and services.

How good is the deliverability from Moosend?

Moosend’s deliverability rate is quite high. Based on the Sender Score test, Moosend’s reputation is 98%

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Conclusion – Moosend Review 2021 – Is It Best?

All in all, Moosend has definitely received rave reviews and excellent star ratings.

The unbeatable ease of use, customization efforts, reporting and tracking, and intuitive drag-and-drop editor make it the perfect starting point for newbies and email marketers alike.

Check out a great free plan that has everything you need to start your own small business! Even if you choose to upgrade to a paid plan, the price is extremely competitive for the number of features it offers for your overall email marketing strategy.

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