VGO Gambling Sites



VGO skins & vIRL items are based on the blockchain technology.

This means all skin transactions are fast and 100% secure, since each user helps to independently verify the ownership of every single skin.


WAX ExpressTrade / Opskins

WAX ExpressTrade, a free, instant peer-to-peer trading service that allows OPSkins users to trade items directly with other users instead of listing them on the marketplace. You know someone you’d like to sell a skin to or buy from? Just settle this neatly and safely between yourselves instead of having to put the entire machine in motion.

VGO Gambling Advantages

VGO skins and vIRL items are ban-immune, easy-to-use items with no restrictions regarding trade operations, and no trading fees. Transferring items from one account to another is instant and doesn’t result in Steam account blockings. There is also high liquidity of gaming items, which are available at a fixed price. You are allowed to own multiple VGO accounts at any time, and add as many items as you wish to your account.

What is VGO, how to use, how to trade?

VGO are tradeable collectibles designed for the players who enjoy the traditional approach to video game skins market. They’ve been created in response to more and more limitation put on the skins, which basically made them unusable for trading and other users. They aren’t usable in games (except The Forge Arena), but this isn’t the point. They exist to upkeep the thriving skin-based digital economy. You can trade them using the VGO Exchange or VGO Trading systems we offer.

Where can I get VGO items?

You can get them here, using VGO Trading, from playing VGO Case Opening and other skin games, or you can buy them at any VGO marketplace.

How to sell and monetize VGO Skins?

You can buy or sell skins using VGO Trading, or use your skins to play VGO casino games, some of which offer you a chance of winning as high as 50%.


There is a lot of games you can play using your skins – with the goal of winning more of them! You can either play against other skin owners or against the house.

VGO Jackpot

Every player put their skins into the pot. The bigger the value of your skins, the bigger your chance to win. For example: if your skins make up for 50% of the entire pot’s value, you have a 50% chance of winning. The winner is chosen randomly and gets the entire pot, minus 5% house fee.

VGO Roulette

A digital take on the traditional game of Roulette. The player chooses the color that he or she thinks will be randomly picked. Various colors offer various multipliers.

VGO Crash

One of the most popular games. Use skins to join the game. You can exit at any time. As you participate, you will see the multiplier increasing – from 1x to 2x, 3x etc. However, the game can crash (end) at any time, and if you haven’t cashed out, you will lose the skins you used to enter.

VGO Coinflip

Heads or tails? One of the simplest skin games. Two players choose the outcome, and the one who managed to predict the outcome gets all the winnings (minus 5% house fee). There is a 50-50 chance to win.

VGO Upgrade

A game that lets you upgrade your skins into their better, more valuable versions. You choose a multiplier (x2, x5, x10 etc.) and the system randomly decides the outcome: win or lose. The higher the multiplier, the lower the chance of winning.

VGO Slots

Online, skin-based version of casino slot machines. Pull the (virtual) handle and see if you can hit the jackpot!

VGO Dice

A classic game of dice played against other players. Each participant tries to predict the outcome of a roll.

VGO Case Opening

A game simulating the experience of opening the classic CS:GO or Overwatch cases. Open a case for a random skin. Regardless of your new skin’s value, you always get something, as there are no empty cases.

VGO Trading

Trade your skins for new ones. Exchange low value items for a single more valuable skin, or the other way around. Blockchain makes the trade safe and virtually unhackable.

VGO Esports Match Betting

Blockchain-based bets processed without any involvment from Valve and thus free of limitations. Use your skins to bet on the results of popular esports video games, such as CS:GO or Overwatch. This is how the entire skin community came to be in the first place.

VGO Earn Skins

Easy ways to earn new VGO skins without any risks or spendings. Skins are rewarded to users for completing certain tasks: taking surveys, watching ads, sharing GPU power for mining cryptocurrencies etc. Every users chooses the way in which he or she wants to earn VGO items.

VGO Exchange

The place you want to visit when you’re thinking about exchanging skins and / or other digital items.

VGO Giveaways / VGO Free Skins

Digital events providing you a chance to grab free VGO items. All you need to do is to join the giveaway using a Gleam widget. The winners are chosen randomly, but there are ways to increase your chances: sharing the information about the giveaway, taking a survey etc.

VGO Referral / VGO Affiliate Codes

Unique codes or links for our affiliates. Get them and share them online, and if anyone uses them to join the games or make a transaction, you will get a commission fee or other bonuses.

VGO Skins in Games

VGO skins haven’t been made for in-game use, but to upkeep the spirit of the traditional CS:GO skin community as well as its successful economy. Currently only The Forge Arena, a multiplayer 5vs5 shooter, decided to adopt VGO skins. However, we hope more developers will see the benefits of VGO solutions and using blockchain-based items will become a trend in the industry.